Unlock Intune's Full Potential with Eido

Uncover Intune's blind spots with patch reporting, advanced monitoring, policy management, customizable dashboards, out-of-the-box integrations, application metering and more.

Your All-in-One Toolkit with Eido

Patch Compliance Tracking

Eido simplifies tracking Windows updates for enterprises, IT teams, and MSP's, ensuring devices stay secure and current.

Warranty Tracking, Simplified

Instantly access warranty details within Eido. Integrate this critical information into your dashboard and reports for complete oversight of your assets.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Unlock the power of data with customizable dashboards. Pinpoint issues by office, department, country and more for smarter decisions and a more compliant environment.

Effortless Policy Control

Master policy monitoring, backups, and seamless tenant provisioning with Eido. Copy and restore policies with ease, ensuring a smooth setup for every new tenant.

Application Metering & Reporting

Simplify software management by tracking and measuring the use of applications like Adobe Pro, ensuring you pay only for what you actually need.


Eido plays well with your favorite tools like ServiceNow, Slack, sDesk, Teams and more. Missing an integration? We're just a request away from making it happen.

Stay Ahead with Smart Alerts

Proactively manage your environment with alerts for compliance, configuration, and applications. Set priority levels and tailor notifications, per tenant to match your requirements.

Sync Multiple Intune Tenants

Link all your MS Intune tenants to one dashboard with each sync being a quick, one-click process.

Out-of-the-box Integrations


Connect Intune to ServiceNow

Create and assign ServiceNow tickets to relevant teams.


Create incidents in sDesk and assign them to the appropriate teams or agents.


Directly dispatch notifications to designated Slack channels, enhancing real-time communication.

Microsoft Teams

Streamline alerts and updates by channeling them directly into Microsoft Teams


Want to integrate with your own system? Use our webhooks!

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